The National Trails

"If national parks are America's crown jewels, national trails are an emerald necklace that stitch them together."

-Steve Elkinton

Welcome to Global CPR

Global CPR is a publishing imprint celebrating the life and work of conservationist David Ross Brower.


Educating the public about our national trails with innovative publishing, featuring the comprehensive National Trails Guide.


Protecting and conserving America's great places, both rural and urban, for future generations.

Guides & Maps

Documenting America’s best kept secret -- the National Trails System -- with new technology and high quality design.

Augmented Reality

Providing access to all Americans with revolutionary interactivity emerging in the field of augmented reality.


Global CPR is dedicated to raising awareness of America’s trails and promoting their use, enjoyment and preservation through advocacy, education and support for their maintenance and expansion.

50th Anniversary Celebration

We are assisting a large group of organizations across America in developing messaging for 2018's 50th anniversary of the National Trails System.

Publishing Great Books & Maps

Through innovative technologies, high quality design and on-the-ground verification, watch for our guidebooks and maps highlighting America's trails and beyond.

Grants & Sponsorships

Global CPR is working to establish a long-term grantmaking program to encourage excellence in preservation and trail projects on behalf of all Americans. Join us!


  • William Robert Buck
    William spent years visiting all 30 National Scenic and Historic Trails. His upcoming book will be a guide to the complete National Trails System.
  • Blaire Briody
    Publishing Advisor
    Blaire is a journalist and publishing professional who advises Global CPR's publishing activities.
  • Severn Williams
    Sev is an award-winning public relations professional who directs Global CPR's communications activities.
  • Susie Stevens Briody
    Honorary Board Chair
    Susie completed a three-decade career in education and now devotes much of her time to volunteering for (and enjoying) the National Trails.


Global CPR maintains offices in Oregon and California. We welcome your inquiries.